Thursday, December 30, 2010

Year's End

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that 2011 brings you peace, joy, and fulfillment on the very deepest level.

As we count down to the year's end, I want to get caught up and post some things from my sketchbook.  Read below if you are interested in what's going on with me : )
Planet Hollywood Pen

Tombo Sketch from a Photo by Walker Evans
Fruit Basket
Self Portrait (sort of)
The Hairdresser's Table
Central Valley Orchard
Art Space--Before
Art Space--After

My art space is in my kitchen.  The great thing about it is that I don't have to go out of the house, I can bring my laptop in, I have a separate space for office work and another space for cutting mats, AND I can cook while waiting for things to dry.  The down side is that I don't have a lot of room for spreading out while working on multiple projects and can't leave things out forever.  Fortunately, my husband is really patient with my mess.  The tabletop easel and the post-Christmas sale organizers from Michael's have really improved my storage and flexibility.  If I paint in the morning, I can sit in front of the window for good light.  I can also stand at the island that you can barely see on the left.  I'm really happy with the new arrangement!

Yesterday I was reflecting on a column in the morning's local newspaper.  The columnist, a food writer, talks about traditional New Year's resolutions and how the goals we set often smack of a certain grim, guilt-tripping, negativity.  So rather than talking about all the personal flaws that she wants to root out, change, or overcome, she has reframed her forward view into something much more positive...what would bring joy, happiness, inner peace.  Things that will increase the quality of life.  She starts her list with farmers markets.

I agree.  Farmers markets not only offer good quality organic (or lightly treated) produce to the consumer, they allow small scale farmers to stay in business.  I LOVE our local markets...the beauty of the colorful produce, cheeses, fresh seafood, meats, honey, etc. and the friendly interchanges between the sellers and buyers.  Plus you can get a good cup of coffee or something to eat, listen to good music, and watch or sketch all the passers by.

Also on my list of things that I look forward to, are good for body and soul, and will increase my quality of life in 2011 are:
  • spending time with family, especially that adorable grandson
  • doing LOTS of art and continuing to explore art as a spiritual path
  • offering workshops that help people open up to their innate wisdom and creativity
  • learning to cook really yummy (I'm serious, no sacrificing flavour) recipes with high fiber, lots of veggies, and low fats.  This is going to be an adventure, not deprivation : )
  • enjoying both the preparation, publicity, and travel on the El Salvador service learning trip in June (see
  • taking pleasure in dancing, swimming, biking, and other forms of movement
  • building community through Alternatives to Violence Project, East European Folklife Center, my Quaker meeting, local dance groups, and both real and virtual art communities
  • doing an art show during the season of non-violence
  • feeling great
  • reading good books and talking with friends
2010 was a very interesting year for me, involving momentous events.  I am so fortunate that even when really difficult things were happening, I had the love and support of so many friends and acquaintances.  More than anything else, I want to continue and deepen those relationships in 2011.


An Evolving Artist @ said...

LOve your drawings. Nicely done!

Art is for the Making said...

There is so much in this post to comment upon! I really like the drawing from the beauty salon. There is something about being at my local salon that always makes me feel so creative. I like overhearing all the conversations and I like seeing how the hairdressers keep all their stuff organized and constantly clean.

I also especially like the drawing of the field - the lighting is lovely.

And your studio is beautiful! I long for a space with LIGHT and elbow room. I live in a tiny Manhattan apartment. I often work in the kitchen, but don't have the luxury of leaving things out very often.

Finally, I am enjoying your list of 2011 goals.

I'm glad I stopped by!

Alex said...

Awesome sketches =) I enjoyed looking at the varieties and subjects you drew. Happy New Year!

raena said...

It feels so good to reorganize, doesn't it? I just finished doing the same, feels like a good way to start the year! Love your sketches, especially the beauty salon!

rrARTz said...

great drawings. your art space looks great!

elkedagtelt said...

A few years ago I was in the house of the belgium painter Magritte. He produced the most of his work in the kitchen too.