Saturday, November 27, 2010

AED Month, Day 27

Today's post is a quick sketch, a little mess, really, done just to get something in as we reach the last few days of Art Every Day Month. One of our Thanksgiving weekend traditions is to go to the Kolo Festival in San Francisco and then to the Japan Center on Saturday morning. Last night we were invited to play a few Bulgarian bitov numbers with Da Mozhem and then danced the night away.

This morning we went to the taiyaki stand for our favorite Thanksgiving Saturday breakfast, good coffee and taiyaki (fish shaped, filled waffles). You walk up to the window and order, and the waffles are given to you in a little flat paper bag. They have three fillings: chocolate ($1.75), red bean paste ($1.50), and chocolate-banana ($2.00). If you buy a dozen, you get one extra. I always get the red bean paste (just one or two).

After breakfast, we went to the book store, the paper and stationery store, and the hardware store. I got some great textured, metallic, and print papers for future collages.