Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming and Wishing in the Full Moon

At Creative Every Day, Leah let us know of Jamie Ridler's work with dreamboards ( and using the power of the full moon.  I loved the idea, and one of my goals for the year is to be an active agent in making the things that I want in life to come about.  So I organized a group of friends to come over to my house and we did a session together on making dreamboards or wishing shrines. The wishing shrines were inspired by a contest (over now) that I found on Carole Watanabe's website. (  By the way, if you don't have Carole's "The Ecstatic Marriage of Life and Art", it's a must!

More time for art, getting unstuck from the current job, a business within 3 years.

Three new journal pages, a place to keep feelings, as much art as possible.

Great relationships, perhaps a move of house, family and friends.

My house is really big enough. 

Meditation and spiritual practice, passion, art, books, adventure and travel, friends and family.

Adventure, good health, moving forward in life.

Openness, adventure, new people and ideas
Some of the friends who came to our group have some experience and comfort with art, and some not, but everyone is open hearted and creative in their own way. We got together on the night of the full moon, started with a meditation and a poem, then shared our materials and got to work.  After about 40 minutes we took a break for soup, salad, and conversation, then got back together at the work tables.  Since many people had to go to work in the morning, we were careful to end by 8:30.

As you can see, every single piece was different.  Each person found something of meaning in the process and the great news is that the group wants to continue to get together around the full moon.  We won't always do art, as we'll take turns with the leadership, but the experience will be rich and continue to grow.

Ironically, one of my wishes is to be more openly passionate about whatever is important to me, and the Creative Every Day theme for February is....passion.