Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 is the year!

Finally!! The watercolor and mixed media work are coming along.  Over the past year I feel so fortunate to have experienced a combination of skill development and lucky accidents, allowing me to be confident and to relax and explore in my painting.  Of course, like anything else, it is frequent practice that brings the most opportunity to learn from what does and doesn't work.

Intention for 2014:  This is the year that I will have a body of work ready to mount in a show.  There is nearly enough work now, but I need to get moving with final touches, matting, and framing.  I've just ordered business cards and am looking into how to make prints and postcards of my work.

I'm also learning how to photograph my art and how to manage uploading from my phone camera to the editing software and the computer.  It's a slow process and makes me avoid posting, but determination will overcome!

Two recent paintings that I'm feeling really good about are below.  Both are watercolor on Arches #140 paper and both use the concept of negative space painting.  One of the most well-known artists who uses negative space painting is Linda Kemp, and there are several instructional you-tube videos featuring her work.  She has also authored the book: Painting Outside the Lines which is a tremendous resource.

Winter Woods 11"x14.5" (17"x21" framed)

Autumn Leaves
18"x24" (24"x30" framed)
Watercolor on 140# Arches Paper