Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back in the Saddle

I sure didn't keep my promise to myself in went by the wayside as I used my creativity to play a little music, make holiday food, and coordinate activities for Alternatives to Violence Project.

Also, I took myself on a 3-day painting retreat in December to our cabin in Cazadero, where I have 3 new things in progress...a negative space painting of fall leaves, an architectural/landscape painting of a Sonoma County scene, and an ocean scape that all I've done is put the resist on.  I left all my supplies there thinking that I'd get back there soon, but when I did go back there was a power failure and it was too dark to paint.  I still thought I'd get there, but then the holidays happened and then we went to the year-end retreat at Quaker Center.

I have great gratitude to my friend Marion who steered me to a painting and mixed media class that started yesterday and may get me back into the saddle.  I've organized the painting supplies that I have at home and did the first exercise of color washes.  Also did a quick painting in my journal.  Right now I'm finding it too complicated to photograph anything for posting, so will have to skip that step.  One step at a time : )