Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AED Month, Days 29 and 30

Where has the month gone! In the joy and rush to create art every day, I find have neglected to do some of the slow processing and meditative practice that I want to include in my approach to art. However, I've stepped forward with more courage and tried some different media. I'm looking forward to working at a slower, steadier pace and to completing some things that have been set aside for awhile.

Hunter or Hunted?

This piece is one that has been unfolding: First, I drew circles on the back of the paper and pressed some leaves into the paper, trying to create some texture. Then I turned the paper over, got it wet, and poured primary colors (watercolor) onto the paper. I added another wash of blue, then enhanced the yellow and red places. As I reflected on the evolving background, I kept getting an image of a raptor caught in the cross hairs of some kind of scope. Red-tail hawks came several times into my real world, so I found a reference photo and here we are. The picture itself is 10x10, but the mat is 16x20 in order to fit into a standard frame.

It has been so much fun meeting a few of you this month. Keep up the creative work and live life to the fullest! I hope we meet again.