Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ridiculous and the Sublime

The Junk Drawer
The Every Day Matters prompt for last week was to draw your junk drawer. My thought was, I don't have an easy way to position myself in front of the junk drawer in order to be comfortable for the excessively long amount of time it would take me to draw it. Of course, I was kind of setting myself up for a life-long task, both because of the amount of junk in the drawer and because I had recently been looking at
Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog , and she does such beautifully detailed renderings. My gosh, I was intimidated before I even began!

However, when I was getting my hair cut last week, I realized I could draw Suzanna's junk drawer, or at least her drawer of used brushes. So here we are.
Junk Drawer:  Watercolor, ink, moleskine watercolor journal

Living from the Center
In our Muse Group on Saturday, we were using gesso as a medium to provide relief for our journals. I began with gesso and also fiber paste, and went on to adding hot colors and collage.

One of my wishes and goals for 2011 is to live life passionately, to grow into my own wisdom, and to be able to articulate my beliefs. I want to create passionately and to dance with my full and complete being. In order to do that, I have to prioritize opportunities for meditation and reflection. Coming from the center creates the space for an explosion of life.

Live from the Center: acrylic, collage, fiber paste, gesso on Arches watercolor paper