Friday, November 5, 2010

Art Every Day Month, Day 5

Today was a fix-it, mat-it, finish-it kind of day, then I had time to play. One thing I want to look into in the near future is how to photograph work so that it shows its best.

I started the day with breakfast with friends, then a GORGEOUS walk around Spring Lake, during which the sun came up and we saw egrets, Canada geese, ducks, and even river otters!

When I came home, I did a mandala meditation from my new book, Healing Mandalas, by Lisa Tenzin Dolma. I got inspired to try and make a mandala, so I drew one with my husband's grandmother's copper stencils and then mounted the watercolor paper to a board. As I was doing this, I remembered that when I was a kid I loved the spirograph, that toy that made endless loops and designs with little gear-templates that traveled around a circle. Maybe this explains my fascination with fractals, too.

While the paper was drying, I cut mat and mounted the Madonna of the Portal (watercolor and tissue paper collage) and then matted and tidied up work from earlier in the week.

Art Every Day Month, Day 1: Our watercolor class worked on monochrome as a study in values. Our homework assignment was to render the same image in color.

Art Every Day Month, Day 2: The photo for this monochrome study is one of the options we were given in the watercolor class. Don't you like the red?

Art Every Day Month, Day 3: I branched out and did this one on my own from a photo in the newspaper.
Art Every Day Month, Day 4: This week's class studied glazing. Using just just the primaries (aurolian yellow, rose madder, and cobalt blue), this is from a calendar photo.

Finally, I got to play with the mandala, and play with glazing. This time aurolian yellow, rose madder, and French ultramarine. It reminds me of an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor.