Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Never too late to post last week's doings...I do have a new watercolor project coming up that will take the rest of the week to complete and a baby blanket that may become my life's work.  Meanwhile here are some of the gift projects that were completed by the 11th hour.

I love that most of the gifts were made rather than purchased this year.  It gives me the greatest pleasure to make something and be thinking about the person that I am making it for.  I was able to stay out of the stores for the most part, so I kept out of the holiday shopping frenzy, in spite of the fact that I did make a trip on Thursday to locate things I hadn't gotten around to.  The book store and art store were fun, though, and don't really count.

Lemon bars and stained glass cookies.

Applesauces, mint jelly, brandied peaches, plum sauce and plum syrup, all from our own fruit trees.

Bookmarks front (watercolor and ink)

 Bookmarks back

 Wrist warmers from wonderful, fun yarn purchased in Mendocino last summer.

For myself, Christmas was warm, low-key, and full of love.  We opened gifts, ate tamales, and played board games, staying inside by the fire while it poured down rain outside.  There's more to come with more family in January. I received such thoughtful gifts, including a tabletop easel!  

I've been wondering how the rhythm of the last two weeks in December would be for me as a newly retired person.  When I was in education, I would work intensely up until the break, spend the time between the last day of school and Christmas in preparations for the holiday, and then take a day or two after Christmas to read my new books and sit around in my new robe or flannel jammies.  Then I'd take a day or two to be with friends and another day or two to go back into the classroom or the office to get ready for the next push. 

Things haven't changed that much, except that I'm preparing for an Alternatives to Violence Project workshop instead of going back to school.  Also, I need to get myself the book and jammies so that I can spend a day hunkering down!  It's gray out today, but the rain has stopped so it will be a good day for a walk.