Monday, March 21, 2011

Time Running Through My Fingers Like Sand

Time is what we want most, but... what we use worst.  ~Willaim Penn

I wish there had been more time for art in the past couple of weeks, but household projects and volunteer responsibilities have taken over.  Even so, I've managed to get a few art things in, so I'm feeling pleased about using small amounts of time to good advantage.  I haven't had too much time to waste, and certainly can do my share of that, but the wastage that has come in the last week has been because the darned window finishing project hasn't been going smoothly.

The first photos below are from a special evening that included friends and art.  On Wednesday night a group of us gathered for our monthly "Wishing and Dreaming in the Full Moon", and Judy led us in some zen doodle activities.  It was very sweet to work side by side in deep meditation and some conversation while a variety of music played in the background.  We had dinner together and then got back to our doodles.  By the end of the evening, between us we had 6 different styles and visions on our papers.  The Creative Every Day prompt for March is Nest, so I guess this fits because we did it at my house and stayed cozy and warm inside while it rained outside. 

Zendoodle 1

Zendoodle 2

Then we have a series of sketches from my journal.  These cover about a month's worth of activity.

From Motorcycle Diaries

Every Day Matters (EDM) 308 "Something Slippery"  California Newt

EDM 309  "Something with More than Two Legs" Jim's Grandmother's Teacup

EDM 203 "Something Shiny"

EDM 137 "Something You Can Turn On And Off"
Saturday evening Denise and I went to a coffee shop to prepare the certificates for the Alternatives to Violence workshop that we were facilitating at the prison.  While she finished signing the certificates I did a quick sketch of a woman at a nearby table. Since it turned out nicely, I went up and gave it to her.  It was the first time I've ever done that, and she received it enthusiastically, so that was very affirming!