Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Ready

November is Art Every Day Month and I've just signed up, so starting Tuesday I'll be creating a little something each day.  I've also sent in my money to participate in the 2012 sketchbook project.  Either I've lost my mind given that I've got so little time for art right now, or it's going to be a fabulous tool for opening up and getting going.  I'll start in a notebook until the sketchbook comes, and I'm thinking of undertaking a kind of  meditation, journaling, listen-to-the-universe type of practice. I'll do a sort of morning pages in a journal and then a sketching/painting/collaging from the source in the sketchbook.  If I can work from an open heart and get in a little something each day I can use the month to develop some skill and see what the universe is telling me.