Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Times We Live In

I spent the last week swinging from despair to pride to grief to hope...I'm sure many of you had those same feelings as we followed the news about the Charleston shootings, the capture of the perpetrator, the debates about the Confederate flag, the statements of our President, the Supreme Court decisions, and now the funerals.

As a way to deal with my own sadness and confusion, I attended an interfaith service and then settled down to find out what I could about the shooting victims, their church, and their communities.  As I read about and drew each one, I learned that they were vibrant, active, joyful people whose absence leaves huge holes in the hearts of those left behind.

I wish I were a better artist, but this is my best tribute.  I hope that they are never forgotten and that our country moves forward in an honest exploration of racism and equality.  I have renewed my own commitment to work for "liberty and justice for all".
 Watercolor, sharpie pen, and prismacolor pencil in Strathmore mixed-media sketchbook.