Monday, February 14, 2011

Something Red, Something Blue

Not roses or violets, though.  I'm posting a couple of completed projects, first a watercolor that was a class project in simple perspective (paint a box), and then a mixed media journal spread.

Take Out

There's a faint layer of writing from May Sarton's "Now I become Myself". 

We had a lovely Valentine's date last night (involving a delightful restaurant with pasta and red wine) and today I'm going to get off by myself for a little while.  I'm living an enchanted life : ).

We're finally getting some winter weather here in Northern California, so today will be a good day to work on some projects, go to the Y for aqua aerobics, and then head up to the cabin for a nice fire in the wood stove with the rain coming down outside.  I plan to do a little meditation, catch up on some reading, and make a sketch or two.  Maybe watch "The Motorcycle Diaries" in Spanish.  All things that are good for the heart, mind, and soul.