Sunday, November 21, 2010

Art Not Quite Every Day Month, Day 21

Many things conspire against the person who desires to do some art every day, and many of those things are wonderful. So rather than kick myself for not "creating art" every day, I'm going to celebrate all the wonderful creativity in my life. I will be getting to some art today, but the main thing for Day 21 is getting the blog posted. YAY!

On Days 19 and 20, we had a lovely overnight visit with our 8-month old grandson and then his parents. Creative moments included cooking a simple, delicious meal last night--roast chicken, a baked squash/onion/apple dish, fresh green salad, and peach pie. I had made the peach pie last summer with peaches from our tree and kept it in the freezer. It was scrumptious. The most creative part of the meal was what to do when the oven overheated and refused to carry on, about halfway through the cooking. My talented husband took everything out to the barbecue and finished it all up!

A big priority over the past week has been getting holiday cards printed up as a benefit for the Alternatives to Violence Project. A local printing shop has made them from a watercolor that I did, plus my lettering design. They are selling well, and this is giving me an idea for a bigger event in the spring. To be revealed when the timing is right : ) The color here isn't as good as either the original or the cards, but you get the idea.

Peace on Earth

Card design by Barbara Babin

All proceeds to benefit:
Alternatives to Violence Project
AVP California
P.O. Box 3294 Santa Barbara, CA 93130

We did some interesting work during this past week's watercolor class, but nothing I want to post. The lesson was on what happens to the composition when you vary where you put the horizon line, and it's something I want to explore some more. I did finish up an exercise in glazing, incorporating the leaves I gathered at the cabin. I'm pleased with the colors, but find the composition unbalanced.

Between classes, I've done some driving to take photos for my reference file, played quite a bit more music than usual (but finding that my shoulder and arm hurt), and did an Alternatives to Violence Workshop. Not wasting a lot of time, and finding it all very fulfilling!

The "Sketching People In Public Places" class has been to two venues:

A coffee shop where we drew a bluegrass jam,

And a Chinese restaurant that holds a weekly blues jam.

So, all in all, there have been many creative moments. Hurray!