Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out With 11 Things

Whew, it's been busy.  I've been sketching, knitting, baking, and doing some journaling, plus getting all the Christmas things ready.  Here's my latest journal page and some reflections on an earlier Reverb prompt...
Happy holidays, we'll see each other as we can over the next couple of weeks.  Best wishes for a fulfilling and joyful 2011.

(arches paper, acrylic, image transfer, collage, stamp, ink)

11 Things. Reverb, Day 11

What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011?
How will you go about eliminating them?
How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Here are the 11 things I would like to release....

Thing 1: 25 pounds of body weight.
Thing 2: Pain in my arm and shoulder.
Thing 3: Old school stuff in the garage.
Thing 4: Old clothes in the closets and junk in the drawers.
Thing 5: Front and back lawns.
Thing 6: Headaches.
Thing 7: Trying to fix people.
Thing 8: Taking on things I don't really want to do.
Thing 9: Being judgmental.
Thing 10: Resistance to doing morning pages.
Thing 11: Too much time at the computer.

For the first step, I will do a real or vitual smudging ceremony, which one depends on whether I can get my hands on the sage. First, the sage and I will spend a little time together in my meditation area. Then I'll put each of these things on a small piece of paper, burn it with the sage torch, and let the negative energy be borne away with the smoke. After that, I'll take the torch into the garage and around the house.

The sage smudging ceremony is a cleansing ritual to establish positive energy, clear thinking, harmony of thought and healing. As the sage burns slowly and the smoke is released into the air, the negative energy sent away along with the smoke.

Obviously, I need to undertake other more concrete steps to make these changes. I'll post the list in my journal so that I can refer to it often and check on my progress.

I invoke the light of the God within
I am a clear and perfect channel
Light is my guide

Barbara B. 12.20.10