Monday, January 23, 2012

Yay, It's Done!

Finally, I have finished the sketchbook for the sketchbook project!  I dedicated most of the day yesterday, all last evening, and most of today, ignoring all other responsibilities and spending a lot of time with my new best friend, the hair dryer.  I was able to get all the remaining sketches done, plus the front and back covers.

First, the sketches, then the commentary.

Front Cover

Back Cover
 Covers are mixed media using some collage papers, acrylic paint, acrylic ink, transparent stickers, a postage stamp, and stamps with stamp pad.

Cave Church, Cappadocia, Turkey
Memorial to the Victims of Communism, Vidin, Bulgaria

Caesar's Greek and Mexican Drive Thru, Albuquerque, New Mexico
May's Coffee Shop, Japan Center, San Francisco

Jardin de los Inocentes, El Mozote, El Salvador

McDonald's, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Occupy Santa Rosa, October 2011

So now the observations and commentary, mostly so I can remember next year what to do and not do....
  • First of all, taking out the paper from the sketchbook and putting watercolor paper in may have been a waste of time.  I didn't know how to do it correctly, the paper is fragile where it is folded, and it's not clear how well the sketchbook will stand up to handling.  I have the original pages still, so I can experiment with coating them with something that will help keep them from buckling OR I might try another attempt at binding following some of the excellent suggestions that some of my EDM friends have been posting.
  • I was pushing the deadline the last few days, one advantage of which is that I didn't have time to care too much about all the mistakes, and there was a limited amount of fixing that I could do.  On the other hand I was feeling pressured rather than centered. Maybe an earlier start next year?
  • I did try some new techniques and different ways of approaching both the initial drawing and the painting, and some days there was a really good flow.  Others didn't have that feeling, but you can't really plan that.
  • I might try a more open theme or take a more open, intuitive approach next time...these sketches are fairly literal interpretations, though not always exact.  I find it difficult to work on such a small page, and found myself not really letting the water and paint flow.  I'm ready to work on some BIG paper for awhile now!
  • All in all, I enjoyed myself and can see some growth.  It's been great getting community feedback from the folks at EDM and Creative Every Day, as I find comments and suggestions to be very helpful.
Next step, flatten it out under some heavy books overnight, then put it in the mail!  Letting it go now....