Monday, December 6, 2010

Joy and Sorrow

This week has been a real mix of ups and downs, both emotionally and art-wise. Early in the week I had great fun playing with the “air” theme and doing some silly sketches around those. On Saturday, I took a workshop (Conversations with the Muse) on using acrylic under painting, clear contact paper to transfer black-line images, and then collage and journaling into art journals. This was a wonderfully meditative and creative experience, resulting in the journal piece “Right of Passage”.

As I was heading home from the workshop, I received a phone call telling me that my husband's cousin died unexpectedly on Friday. We were close to her, so this is quite a blow...a life that was far too short. As we sat with our feelings and waited for more information, I was able to generate another journal piece to express some of my grief, “Fly Away Home”. I'm grateful to have a way to get those feelings out and to remember some of the gifts that our cousin brought into our lives.

Barbara B. 12.5.10

Fly Away Home

Dear SJLK (1955-2010),

All I can say is, you will be missed. Your wonderful singing voice, your acting talent and beautiful design sense. Your fierce love for your family and tender bond with your grandson. Your sense of humor and the ability to hold us rapt when you tell a story. Your sufferings, struggles, and efforts. Your religious faith. I have loved you since becoming a member of your extended family more than 20 years ago, and your absence leaves us with a huge hole.

I need to believe that you are in a better place, one with only love and no pain. Fly away, dear girl, fly away home.

Barbara B. 12.4.10

Right of Passage

She is dancing up to an opening, a doorstep.

The musical measure shows an upbeat, a hint that something is about to come.

She wonders, “If I cross the threshold, will it keep my dreams from taking flight? Or will passing through open me up to dreams I never even knew I had? Is this threshold a one-way portal? Is there no turning back?”

The whooping crane is her angel, guide, guardian, protector. It is centered, grounded, looking though the gateway.

She must own her right to make the succeed or to fail, it doesn't matter. Either way, taking the risk is her decision to make. She will be guided, guarded, and protected.

Barbara B. 12.3.10

Air Play Sketches 12.1-12.3.10

Air Head........................Aphrodite Putting On Airs........Air Stream Dreams


Susan Cornelis said...

I am very moved by how powerfully the Muse is working through you. And so glad you are sharing this.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Barbara, It sounds like you've had an intense week. I found your journal entries intriguing. And, I particularly enjoyed your "air" sketches. All are fun, though I liked the air stream zooming downhill. My condolences.